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RCFF's 2019 annual Family Inglewood, California.
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RCFF's 2018 annual family Warrengton, Virginia.
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RCFF's 2011 annual family photo Newark, Delaware.
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RCFF's 2012 annual family photo Manassa, Virginia.
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New roof installed on William D. Coleman High School
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Students at Christian A. Richards Elementary School 2015.
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Christian A. Richards Elementary School running water.
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Christian A. Richards Elementary School students with new donated desks.
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A Renovated Christian A Richards Elemetary School

2018 Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Johnson Sr. award for Community Service

The Richards & Coleman Family Foundation, Inc. (RCFF) has been awarded the 2018 Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Johnson Sr. award for Community Service. The award was presented to the Foundation by Mrs. Mona Diggs on behalf of the B. W. Harris Aluminum Association D. C Metro Chapter on November 17, 2018 at the organization’s awards dinner and ball in Columbia, Maryland.

Mr. John Cassell, the Executive Director (ED) of RCFF received the award on behalf of the foundation and thanked the B. W. Harris Aluminum Association D. C Metro Chapter for the award. In his brief remarks, Mr. Cassell told those in attendance that the objective of the RCFF is to help educate the poor or needy children of Liberia and society as a whole. He emphasized that education is a means of relieving or eliminating ignorance, disease and poverty from society and humanity. The Executive Director informed the audience that the Foundation has provided assistance through the James D. Cassell Jr. and Rosalind Richards Educational funds to individuals and nonprofit educational institutions. The ED also stated that RCFF has invested over $70,000.00 dollars in the Liberian educational system since 2013.

The ED said that organizations in the US should continue to collaborate to support each other and the educational system in Liberia. He announced that the Foundation will provide scholarships to students at any educational institute in Liberia who meets the Foundation's published requirements. In 2018. RCFF awarded four $500.00 scholarships through the James D. Cassell Jr scholarship fund to students attending the B. W. Harris Episcopal High School. The ED thanked Ms. Gudrun Harris for serving on the Foundation’s Scholarship committee.

The ED expressed thanks and appreciation to the officers and members of the Foundation present. He also thanked Ms. Cerue Darby, Ms. Mazu Cooper, and Mr. Handel K. C Diggs for serving as non-family members on Foundation’s executive board of director and for being present to receive the award. Members of the Foundation who were also present to represent the RCFF and receive the award were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Claggett, Mr. Arnold Richards, Mrs. Jeannine Victor Toe, Mrs. Natalie Cassell, Ms. Ciatta Claggett and Mr. Varney Coleman.

Pictures of the festivities can be viewed by clicking on this website's photo page.

First, on behalf of the RCFF Officers, Executive Board of Directors and members, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our family members and friends who helped to make our 2018 AGM/Reunion a success. A special thanks to those family members who paid their annual assessments even though they didn’t attend this year, and to those who worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone in attendance had a good time.

During the Annual General Meeting the members of the foundation voted to host the 2019 AGM/Reunion in Los Angeles, California. Mrs. Gwendolyn Austin Collins will Chair the hosting committee to be assisted by Mr. Dwight Cassell as the Co-Chair. The activities will be hosted from Friday July 19th through Sunday July 21st 2019.

In addition, the Executive Director is pleased to announce the formation of the RCFF’s James D. Cassell Jr. scholarship committee. The committee members consist of two family members and one non-family member. The two family members are Ms. Pereta Richards and Ms. Charmelia Richards. The non-family member is Ms. Gudrun Harris. The committee will select 10 people based on specific criteria to each receive a $500.00 scholarship for the 2018/2019 school year. Additional information about the scholarship can be found at RCFF's scholarship page. We sincerely thank the three committee members for their acceptance of these responsibilities.

As we promised, one of the benefits of paying your membership assessment before the April 30th deadline is to be entered into a drawing for prizes. The winners of the 2018 RCFF April 30th membership assessment deadline prizes are;
1st prize - Ingrid Richards with a $50.00 Macy’s gift card 2nd prize - Arnold Richards with a $25.00 Apple gift card 3rd prize - Gerald Richards with 1 RCFF T-shirt 1 RCFF charger and 2 RCFF mugs.

Congratulations to our winners!!! We will continue this membership assessment drawing moving forward, so all family members that pay their assessments on time have the opportunity to win next year-it could be you!

Thank you for your continued support.

Over the last three and a half years our Executive Director in coordination with the administrative officers and members of the executive board of directors, have been trying to create some benefits for the Foundation’s due paying members.

Effective January 10, 2018, paid members will begin to receive the benefits below if or when their assessment is current for the year.

All RCFF due paying members will be given a 10% discount to attend any paid RCFF sponsored event and to purchase items sold by the foundation unless otherwise announced. Members will also be given a 33% discount on the cost of the website’s family memorial page coming soon.

In addition to the above discounts, paid members will be entitled to the following effective immediately;

The foundation will send out one email for a due paying member two times per year upon their request for the following reasons:

One time legal business announcement which must meet or clear all ethical or moral standards. A three member committee will be established to review and approve all business announcements. All announcements must be approved by the Executive Director.

To announce special events such as the birth of a child, graduation, wedding, etc. or to extend an invitation to all family members on the email distribution; no exception unless the member has opted out.

The foundation will establish a raffle with 3 prizes with drawings to be held at the annual general meeting. All members who have paid their annual assessment by April 30th each year will automatically be entered into the raffle. The prizes will be announced on February 28, 2018.

By paying your 2018 annual assessment on January 1, 2018, you can begin receiving your membership benefits. Use the following link on or after January 1, 2018 to make a secured member payment. www.rcff1.org/paypal

Thank you,

Winnette D. Richards
Executive Secretary RCFF

Effective immediately, the Richards and Coleman Family Foundation Inc. has begun to sell advertising space on its official website. The costs to run an advertisement are as follows:

A 30-day banner advertisement will cost $75.00. The advertisement can include a link with additional information and/or can lead to an external website.

A 30-day homepage side advertisement will cost is $50.00. The advertisement can include a link with additional information.

A 30-day side advertisement on any of the website’s other pages will cost $25.00. The advertisement cannot include a link.

RCFF reserves the right to refuse to run any advertisement that does not meet the organization’s ethical standards.

The website’s memorial page is being finalized. As previously announced, you can memorialize your family member for $150.00. The first paid memorial page will be published soon. You will have the option to use a similar page design or design one of your own.

The foundation’s members’ page is now ready for members to input or update their information 24/7 - this includes non-paying members. Go to www.rcff1.org/members to enter your data at any time.

Thank you,

Winnette D. Richards
Executive Secretary RCFF

The Richards and Coleman Family Foundation, Inc. at its 6th annual general meeting weekend elected its officers for the next 2 years on Saturday, July 15, 2017. The officers were installed before the General Meeting by Mr. Jim Coleman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation. The installation was held on Sunday, July 16, 2017 at Argyle Park, located at 1030 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD. In attendance were 51 members, officers and members of the Board of Directors. The newly elected officers include Mr. Handel K. C. Diggs, who was elected as a member of the Foundation’s Executive Board of Directors. Other new officers elected were Mrs. Florence Thomas, Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Winnette D. Richards, Executive Secretary, Mr. Solomon Kpoto, Chaplin, Ms. Nicole von Ballmoos, Deputy Executive Secretary and Ms. Angelique M. Cassell, Deputy Director of Finance. Mrs. Rhonda Von Ballmoos was appointed Project Coordinator for Liberia by the Executive Director.

The members also amended the constitution based on a recommendation of the executive board to lower the annual assessment fee for elderly members. Votes were taken to amend the constitution so that members 80 years and above would no longer pay assessment fees and members 70-79 years would pay $50 rather than $75. Votes were also to change the minimum age of assessment for children ages 3-18 years (formerly 3-21 in the constitution) to pay $10 and children 3 and under be free. The members also agreed to allow the administrative officers to decide and announce the Maryland site for hosting the 2018 annual general meeting by January 15, 2018.

The Richards & Coleman Family Foundation, Inc. is hosting its 6th Annual General Meeting and 20th Family reunion on the weekend of July 14 through 16, 2017 in Silver Spring and Bowie, Maryland. The festivities will commence on Friday evening July 14th at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. B. Jefferson Herring, located at 2002 Del Sol Court Bowie, Maryland 20721 from 7 pm until midnight.

The festivities on Saturday July 15th will be held at Argyle Park located at 1030 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD, US 20901 from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. The activities at the park will include music, food, drinks and games. The election of the foundation's Executive Board of Directors and Administrative Officers will be conducted between 5 and 6 pm.

The weekend will climax on Sunday with our Sunday Church Service at the United Baptist Church located at 14009 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20904 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to be followed by lunch and the Annual General Meeting at Argyle Park located at 1030 Forest Glen RD Silver Spring, MD, US 20901 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Directions and a schedule of the weekend's activities are being posted on the Foundation's website calendar page at www.rcff1.org/calendar where you can also pay your annual assessments. The schedule and activities are also posted on the Foundation's Facebook page where you can leave your comments. You can also email us your comments to the Foundation's email addresses rcff1@rcff.org or rcff@comcast.net.

RCFF continues to support government and family-sponsored schools that are trying to educate the children of Liberia. We would appreciate prompt payment of assessments by family members to enable us to host the 2017 reunion activities and support the schools in Liberia. The family assessments, as established by the RCFF constitution, is $75 for family members 21 years and older and $10 for family members under 21 years. There is also a Guest assessment of $25.00. The assessments can be paid now, and we ask that all payments be made before July 14th.

These payments can be made by: Checks payable to RCFF and mail to Post Office Box 2293 Montgomery Village, MD 20886 or to: Richards & Coleman Family Foundation, Inc.

C/O Colletta Claggett
9911 Bald Hill Road
Mitchellville, MD 20721

OR just click on the following foundation's Online payment link: www.rcff1.org/paypal Cash payment made directly to the Director of Finance. Please do not mail cash.

We look forward to seeing you during this year's RCFF Annual General Meeting weekend activities!


Winnette D. Richards
Executive Secretary RCFF

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